Seaside Bar Solutions

Seaside Bar Solutions

SEASIDE BAR SOLUTIONS – exclusive distributor in Slovenia!

Flairbar is delighted to welcome Seaside Bar Solutions to its growing roster of Business Partners.

We wish them all the best and looking forward to bring Flairbar trademark to all Slovenians!.

Bartending School Seaside Bar Solutions

The demand of quality and educated staff in catering and bartending grows from day to day. That is the reason why we have decided to open the first bartending school on the coast. We name it Seaside Bar Solutions. The concept of the school is based in educating, promotions and organisation of events.

The classic part of the education contains the basics of mixology, history of cocktails, classification and introduction to alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, categorization of cocktails, speed tending, pouring and decorations, etc. In the second part of the education you can learn the art of flair bartending.

Flair bartending – the basic course

Flair bartending is a weekly course, where the participants learn a few basic elements of flair bartending, that they will be able to pour and mix drinks in an attractive way. Besides that the participants learn some rules to follow on competitions. Off course this are only the basics and every individual has to train and continue with flair bartending on their own.

The course is finished with a final exam of theory and practice.

The Advanced Course

This course is meant for those participants who have finished the previous basic course. This is not a weekly course but it is more long-term and it depends on the will of every participant. Here the candidates are prepared on flair competitions, we put together some routines for barman shows and are introduced to exhibition flair. After this course they can participate on competitions or they can participate on our promotions.

Individual Seminars

These are focused on a specific theme that is professionally and thoroughly processed. These themes are for example: rum, vodka, gin, decorations, speed tending, bar managing, etc. The seminar is a one day course that is as 4 or 5 hours long.

We also offer:

  • making of cocktail cards and price lists
  • solving of problems in catering and bartending plants
  • private courses
  • counselling
  • purchase of freshly picked mint
  • purchase of ice
  • we also work on weddings, bachelor parties, private parties, ect.
  • we work on festival and organised events
  • we have a Smoothie program for sport fests
  • organizing of events
  • creating of theme nights and parties

Flair and Fire Show

We have a wide spectre of entertaining and animation program. Fire show is a part of animation program in which the barman breaths fire with flaming bottles. Flair show is a skill that the barman gains with hard work and training, it is the art of attractive pouring and mixing of drinks.

We also implement catering for all sorts of events around all of Slovenia.

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